What is Zip?

Zip allows you to split nearly any purchase into 4 installments over 6 weeks.

What information does Zip ask for?

Zip requires your legal name, address, date of birth, a US mobile number, and either a US debit or credit card to sign up. Heads up, Zip requires a mobile phone number and text message verification to log-in, instead of a traditional username and password.

Who can use Zip?

To create a Zip account, you must:

  • Live in the US & have a valid US mailing address
  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Have a valid and verifiable US mobile number
  • Use a US credit or debit card to make a purchase

How do I sign up?

At check out, click Zip as the payment option. This begins the account creation process.

Is there a service fee for using Zip?

Customers may be charged finance charges, late fees, and convenience fees if applicable. For more information on finance charges, please check out Zip’s Help Center

Is there a limit/minimum amount I can spend with Zip?

The amount you can spend with Zip at checkout varies by merchant.

How can I check my Zip order or account information?

The best way to manage your order, change a payment date and make a payment is in the Zip app. Alternatively, you can use the customer portal.


When is my first payment due?

Your first payment for your purchase is due when you check out on a merchant’s website. The remaining payments will be billed automatically over time. You will be able to see your payment schedule prior to completion of your purchase.

Will I be notified before I am charged for a payment?

Yes! Zip notifies customers with reminders three days and one day before each payment is due, by SMS and email.

Access the Zip app to see your payment due dates or update your payment Method.

Can I make payments early?

Of course. If you want to make a payment, log into the Zip app or customer portal, select the orders tab and choose the payment you want to make early.

For more information about how to make an early payment, please go to Zip’s Help Center.

Can I have multiple payments/orders at once with Zip?

Yes! It's possible to have multiple Zip orders at once. You can manage your payments across multiple orders in the Zip app or customer portal.

What if I have trouble paying?

Your payments are set to debit automatically on their due dates, but if you are having trouble paying you can potentially request a payment date change. Find out how in Zip’s help center.

If your payment method becomes invalid or expires or is unable to be processed, you may be charged a late fee.

For more information on late fees, please go to Zip’s Help Center. To avoid late fees, update your payment information in the app or customer portal.

How do I update my payment method (including existing orders)?

All payments for your order will debit from the payment method you used to check out with initially.

If you need to change your payment method for future payments on an order, you can do so in the Zip app or customer portal. For more information about how to change your payment method, please go to Zip’s Help Center.


How do returns, refunds, and partial refunds work?

Follow all merchant return and refund information to complete your return. When Zip is notified of the return/refund by the merchant, Zip cancels all future payments and your account will be adjusted to reflect the amount paid to date.

In the event of a partial refund, scheduled payments are reduced/canceled first, and then paid installments are refunded to your original payment method.

For more information visit Zip Refunds.

For additional questions visit Zip Help Center.


1. For a $335 purchase, you’d make four $85.25 payments every two weeks starting today for a 31.11% annual percentage rate and a total of payments of $341. A $6 installment fee is charged at commencement - you pay $1.50 of this fee as a prepaid finance charge when you make your initial payment today. The remaining $4.50 is included in your future payments. Actual installment fees vary and can range from $0 to $7.50 depending on the purchase price and Zip product used. Actual amount of fee for your purchase will be reflected in checkout. Estimation of installment payment and annual percentage rate excludes potential tax and shipping costs.

2. Late fees may apply, subject to eligibility. See complete US Terms or Canada Terms for more detail. Est. payments on product pages exclude taxes, shipping and consumer fees added at checkout. Loans to California residents are pursuant to CFL license #60DBO-110414. Zip is the originator of all loans in CO, NV, MA, and MD. Where indicated in the terms and conditions, loans in other states are originated by WebBank. All loans subject to approval. Zip Co US Inc. ID 1963958 NMLS Consumer Access. © 2023 Zip Co