Great news!

The way you earn RW Rewards has been updated! Starting February 19, 2020 you will earn Rewards much faster! 175 points = $10 Reward.


What changes have been made?

Previously, 350 points = $20 Reward. Now 175 points = $10 Reward. Every $1 spent (before sales tax) = 1 point.

How will the updated Rewards benefit me?

RW Rewards members will be able to redeem Rewards faster now. You can redeem a $10 Reward for every 175 points earned in your account.

Will I keep all my previously earned points and rewards?

Yes! All previous points will remain in your account and every $20 RW Reward will now be equal to (2) $10 RW Rewards.

How soon can I use Rewards in my account?

Your Rewards are immediately available to you to use next time you shop.

Be one step closer to earning your first $10 Reward.

Simply register your account by clicking the link below and opt-in to email and earn 100 bonus points, that’s right 100 bonus points! Only members who have not previously registered their account (by providing a valid email address) will receive the 100 bonus points.



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